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What Is It Really Meant For?

There are numerous things that surround us, but we do not exactly know what they are meant for. Here, we want to bring your attention to 10 things unveiling their secret purpose.

1. Have you thought of the small loop at the back of your shirt? What is it for? 3664805-popover-locker-loop-1467964599-650-09fac46fbd-1468613132There are several reasons why we have this loop on our shirts. First of all, it is for hanging your shirt. Secondly, as nowadays everything is aimed at easing up our lives, it may be intended for fastening a tie. And, eventually, the final purpose is the most romantic. It is said that when dating a girl, a student from an American university should have removed the loop showing that he isn’t single anymore.

2. The ferrite bead on your notebook’s power cord 3665105-FotorCreated-1468237597-650-d51cc8e9e4-1468613132
Of course, you have paid attention to the little cylinder-shaped indicator on the power cord of you notebook. Have you ever thought why it is for? This is meant to cut off the noise in electronic circuits.

3. The reason why there are tiny holes in the windows of airplanes 3664355-56-1468420921-650-21a89e1705-1468613132
It turns out that the tiny hole in the windows of airplanes is very essential means of safety. It is also called a breather hole as it regulates the air between the cabin and the outside, maintaining normal pressure.

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