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The Biggest Cruising Liner Of The World

One can hardly imagine a small town is housed on the board of a mega liner navigating from town to town.

One can hardly imagine a small town is housed on the board of a mega liner navigating from town to town. The liner accommodates 5000 passengers and 2500 staff. But it is not enough to imagine how big and comfortable it is. One will never get bored on the board. There is a skating rink, a basketball and volleyball pitch, a golf course, a bowling court, climbing walls, a fitness center, a spa salon, and immense swimming pools. There is room for everything mentioned above on the board of a mega-liner which is called Allure of the Seas. It is beyond belief that being so huge it is able to keep its head above water.


The liner is comprised of two huge buildings facing each other and connected by bridges. The swimming pools and beach beds are located on the roofs. The buildings are separated from each other by the green zone with breathtaking entertainments.



There is a huge variety of swimming pools to fit any taste starting from kids’ pool with slides to Jacuzzi and fountain based ones.



Here is a very attractive and vivid mini golf course.



A huge basketball and volleyball pitch



A place for ping pong fans



Surfing fans – both beginners and the advanced ones, can find their favorite pastime here as well.



There are many entertainments like cinema, bar and merry-go -rounds



There is also a green zone with different plants and trees



There is also a walking zone with side streets, singing birds as if you are walking in a real town.



Rock climbers are not passed by as well. There are two climbing walls on the board.



A cinema impressing with its size and sound



There is a deck leading to lifeboats which is utilized as a track in everyday use not to waste the place. The length of the track full circle is 700 meters.



Time is money and businessmen cannot waste any minute, thus a huge variety of large and small conference halls are on the board.



Spa salons



Fitness hall with endless training equipment



A helipad is situated on the bow. People are not allowed to this zone for their own good.



All the favorable conditions are created for reading in a cozy but rich library



Shops, bars, cafes and even Starbucks



Connoisseur of retro style will also be pleased



An entire floor is dedicated to casinos and night clubs. However there is one rule – casinos operate on neutral zones and never in any country’s territory.



Central Halls for concerts, performances and shows are open for the interested persons every evening.



Rooms are not small but a little bit narrow and oblong; therefore every room has a balcony with a wonderful view.



The steering of the liner is also unusual and is implemented by means of the new technologies. The system controls the cursor and steers up. There are three engine screws revolving instead of the steering wheel and the first officer is in the lead instead of the captain.



To imagine how huge it is here is the liner as compared with Titanic.

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