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Pokemon Go is a new game being released only a few weeks ago however, its boom has already gained immense popularity. Some people have advanced skills in the mobile game, while others still need advice how to play this world invading game.

Below are tips and tricks which will help you to master the game.

  1. Save your battery life and take a portable charger with youa-charging-phone-casePokemon Go drains your battery life very fast, so if you want to truly master this game turn on the battery saving option or take a portable charger with you. Besides these options, you can also take a charging phone case and continue playing with a full battery.
  1. Comfy sneakersquality-walking-shoes  Playing the location-based reality game, you will have to walk many miles trying to catch the characters. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes for playing this game.
  1. A water bottlea-water-bottleAs you walk around, you will definitely get thirsty, so take a water bottle with you and thirst won’t bother you.

Take this advice and you will definitely succeed in this new yet catching game.

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