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Medical Shock Or Scientific Mystery

Human’s brain is one of the most important, interesting and astonishing parts of the body. It allows us to function normally and do our daily activities. Being one of the most important organs, our brain plays an irreplaceable role in our life. brain
A genuinely interesting question has been studied by a number of scientists concerning brain size. The size of our brain and its functioning as well as overall intelligence are considered to be related, though some cases prove this statement wrong.
Doctors have reported an unbelievable medical case a 44-year-old man went to hospital with pain and weakness in his leg. After several examinations, they found out that he had a huge fluid-filled chamber. It also revealed that a significant amount of his brain was missing.dn12301-1_750
Taking into consideration all the details of his medical history, they found out that as an infant, he had hydrocephalus (water on the brain). Thus, to help him get rid of excess water, doctors had inserted a shunt into his head. When he was 14 years old, the shunt was removed. extra_large-1464368313-2773-meet-the-healthy-functioning-man-who-survived-with-almost-no-brainDue to the examination, the removed shunt did not help much as the fluid continued to build up in his brain, eventually making it very small. In spite of this condition, the man manages to live a very happy and normal life with an IQ of 75.

This is an interesting, yet odd case which proves that brain size has little correlation with its functioning.

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