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Here Is How The “Game of Thrones” Battle Scene Of The Sixth Season Was Created

The last released episode of Game of Thrones is distinguished by a few epic moments, one of which is the Battle of the Bastards, the most impressive battle in the history of cinematography.
The shooting involved more than 500 actors, 70 horses and approximately 160 tons of gravel. This battle was, perhaps, the most spectacular and stunning scene of the entire TV series. 20160602_ep609_Publicity_still_041.001413461
Actually, the level of involvement in the battle scene is more comparable to a video game than a film or TV series. Many believe that this scene was created with the help of CGI, which is computer generated imagery used for the creation of special effects. By the way, special attention was paid to the historical authenticity for the shooting of the scene. One of the authors of The Washington Post found out everything related to the historical events which occurred during that period and formed the basis of this episode of Game of Thrones. 18The episode’s director Miguel Sapochnik told that the prototype for “The Battle of the Bastards” was taken from the legendary Battle of Cannae. This battle took place during the Second Punic War, in which Hannibal was able to defeat the two times larger army of the Roman Republic.

Therefore, if you do not even watch Game of Thrones, you should definitely watch the battle scene of the last episode, it is worth it!

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