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Fascinating Wedding Outfits From Around The World

Brides from all over the world know that the wedding dress is the most important garment. Wedding outfits are of great importance as they convey a beautiful message maintaining cultural identity. In most of the countries, wedding dresses reflect the culture and traditions of the nation. The color, style and the details of the wedding garment are determined by the customs and religious beliefs. White wedding dresses became a popular option when Queen Victoria got married and chose white as the color of her dress. Some countries have chosen this option, while others still prefer traditional wedding dresses.
1. Japan
During the Japanese weddings, brides wear at least two dresses. White and red colors are dominant.500_F_67569182_RDtYhBpKP1vr3tOK9gxLJjNb9ZkfYQvq

2. Ghana
Probably, the most colorful weddings are in Ghana. The traditional clothes’ colors and patterns differ from family to family.b5c9eeb8f026f38ac23355c57fc5ef0f

3. Romania
Romanian traditional wedding customs have been preserved only in rural

4. The Sami, Northern Europe
The Sami are indigenous people inhabiting Lapland. They have many unique traditions related to wedding garments. One thing that you can find quite interesting is that if the person has square buttons this means that he/she is married, while single people wear belts with round ones.11172196373_1f33a44c83_b

5. Sri Lanka
As in any other country, the bride is the focus of attention during a wedding in Sri Lanka. Though, if you see the groom, you will be unable to stop looking at him, too.15842793

6. India
According to the Indian traditions, the bride wears a red or a pink dress with beautiful beads or embroidered patterns.Beautiful-Traditional-Wedding-Beauty-Looks-from-India

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