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An Extraordinary Birthday Cake for Unsual Birthday Boy

Crocodiles are the most ancient and vigorous predators originated about 250 million years ago. The duration of their life is about 80-100 years; however, they have long-living ones. At the end of May the largest saltwater crocodile named Cassius jubilated his 110th birthday in Australian wildlife zoo Marineland Melanesia, on Green Island. He was presented a huge cake made of chickens weighing 20 kg.


The cake was rather big even for such a gross crocodile whose daily rate is only one kg of fish and poultry; however it took the birthday boy just a few seconds to cope with this overwhelming task.


Cassius which has been named after the legendary boxer is not only the oldest but also the largest crocodile that has ever been caught alive in Australia. He is 5.48 meters in length and weighs 1300 kg and is currently recorded in the Guinness World Records Book as the grossest reptile held in captivity. It is also the most fearsome crocodile of all the known species. It was brought about 3,200 km (1.988 miles) from Australia’s Northern Territory to Green Island in 1987, by truck.

Crocodiles are those rare animals that do not have natural enemies but they give the creeps to local inhibitors and have a reputation of man-eaters. So let us only meet them when they are kept in captivity.

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